I'm the F*cking Lizard King

I'm Chloe. 20. Slytherin. INTJ. Cat enthusiast and self-proclaimed adult failure. Im in lots of different fandoms, such as Tolkien, Marvel, Orange is the new black, Avatar, Game of thrones and various others. I also like fashion, sea creatures, and funny things. Currently in an imaginary love-rhombus with Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, and Thranduil, who are the loves of my life. Mostly multifandom and humor with some other stuff thrown in. Used to think I was cool, but now I know better. Are you even still reading this? Ayyyyyyy Ayyyyyyy, Ayyyy Ayyyy, canta y no llores porque cantando se allergran cielito lindo, los corazones.... *mariachis into the sunset*

can we just take a moment to appreciate how badass these older models looked at the Jean Paul Gaultier show?